Testimonionals – What campaigners have to say about Fabrily

At Fabrily we work with many wonderful organizations, non-profits, artists, and individuals. We’ve compiled a list of some of the feedback and comments campaigners have sent us after running their campaign with Fabrily. The content below was provided by individual campaigners  (internet marketers) who use Fabrily to earn extra income. For reviews, insight, and advice from several organizations and non-profits visit our success stories page.

Jan (Denmark)
“When I heard that you could sell T-shirts online I instantly knew I wanted to make T-Shirts for football fans. So I was looking for a European alternative to the big players in USA. That turned out to be a wise decision. Both because the European market is so hot right now but also because Fabrily just have a nice and modern touch and feel that builds rapport with customers. And due to the low shipping rates I can still sell shirts in other parts of the world.

I have worked with several things in the internet marketing niche and no other thing has so fast kicked off for me. People buy T-Shirts. All the time. And they especially do that if you use tools like Facebook to laser target custom t shirts to a specific group of people. We all just love having T shirts that says something we agree with. I would say this is the biggest opportunity online right now and I 100% recommend Fabrily to be your partner in this.”

(Jan’s first and second campaigns with Fabrily)






Simon (United Kingdom)
“Having used Teespring with great success from it’s inception I decided to try out Fabrily to target customers in the UK and Europe as the delivery costs are much cheaper.

I tipped a campaign within my first couple of tries and since then I have tipped numerous other campaigns including one of my best campaigns to date which sold over 1000 shirts.

Consumers in the UK respond well to a UK based company and I have found that my conversion rate it very similar to Teespring. I would highly recommend Fabrily to anyone who is looking to target the untapped UK and European markets.”


Jason (USA)
“Fabrily is awesome! I was able to sell over 2,000 shirts in my first month using their website. Their support team are great to work with and I plan to continue using their platform for a long time.”



Glyn (United Kingdom)
“I’ve been making a full time living online since 2004 – focussing on financial lead generation and affiliate marketing. During this time I’ve had lots of highs and lows whilst promoting in a wide range of areas using just about every traffic source available! Some of my best results have come from social media and this medium has got better and better for IMs.

At the start of 2014 I was looking for a new market to enter. Tee shirts looked fun and simple to get going with so I started off with Teespring. After a few failures and learning the ropes I began to have some success. It was easy to see that there was a lot of potential in this market. I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the IM space but this surge in selling Tee shirts with the crowd fund mode l looked exciting and a good thing to be involved in at the beginning.

Being UK based I could see that there was much untapped opportunity in my home market and EU but little competition. So I began looking for a UK based equivalent to Teespring and saw Fabrily mentioned in a marketing forum. I jumped on the chance to sell through them as they looked like a real company albeit new to the market. Frankly it was a bit challenging at first because the platform seemed unfamiliar and basic compared to what I had been used to. However as soon as I made contact the staff at Fabrily were very keen to help and made it really easy to get multiple campaigns implemented quickly.

I sold quite a few shirts soon after starting some UK campaigns in March. I held off a bit initially because as my cost exposure grew I was concerned that without prior experience of getting paid by Fabrily I might have a problem. I needn’t have worried because they went out of their way to create perfect reports and accurate payments always arrive on time a few days after the campaigns close.

Ultimately you need to have total faith in a partnership like this in order to feel comfortable in scaling up. Fabrily have proven to be highly professional and sound. With the launch of the 2.0 platform imminent and all the technical improvements to come I feel things can only get better.

Out of everything I’ve been involved in over the years this activity has got to be the easiest of markets to get traction in and earn decent revenue quickly. There is virtually no barrier to entry and there’s a ton of info and groups out there so anyone can learn what to do quite easily. Then it’s just  down to work and motivation to succeed.

I have run 38 campaigns with Fabrily, 17 have tipped with a total of 1849 shirts sold to date so I have no problem recommending them. If you want a secure, easy route to market for selling tee shirts in the UK and EU I believe they are the best option.”


*Campaign images have not been provided on this post to protect each campaigner’s privacy and designs

To launch your own campaign visit our Internet Marketer’s landing page! If you have any questions about how to set up your campaign please refer to this blog post.


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