Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls offer tips and advice on fundraising with Fabrily

We are so excited to announce the success of the Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Summer Camp shirt campaign on! Amy Poehler is an actress, mother, comedian, and humanitarian who generously uses her success and fame to promote and support several important and wonderful organizations.

One of these great organizations is Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.  The Smart Girls have teamed up with Creative Action to host a one-of-a-kind summer camp for girls and teens.

The camp’s theme this year is #ArtAsActivism and this year’s shirts really reflect it!


We had the opportunity to speak with the Smart Girls Team about their campaigning experience with Fabrily and the wonderful work they’re doing for young girls and teens through the Smart Girls organization, this is what they had to say:

Congratulations on the success of your campaign! Can you tell us a bit more about the Smart Girls and the summer camp event these shirts have been created for?
Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is an organization which aims to help young women cultivate their authentic selves through fun, educational, and empowering activities and events as well as through our supportive online community and social media interaction. The summer camp will take place from June 16 – 27th in Austin, Texas and will encourage girls to discover themselves through intensive, multimedia art projects which they will organize and create at camp.

You were able to sell over 240 shirts, how will the funds raised from shirt sales be used?
The funds raised through this campaign will go towards funding the camp and providing girls with scholarships so that girls from every economic background will have the opportunity to attend. We are also offering fun camp activities on for those who cannot attend the camp this year.

Overall how was your campaigning experience with Fabrily? Would you use the site again in the future?
Using Fabrily was straightforward and easy. The Fabrily team worked with us on creating the design for the shirts and helped us set up the campaign page. The staff was friendly and helpful and we would definitely consider using them again in the future.

 We noticed you had a lot of action going on your social media sites to promote this campaign, can you offer any tips on boosting shirt sales through social media?
We really aimed to get our supporters excited about these shirts by sharing tons of photos and content about the campaign. Our amazing smart girls and supporters helped promote the campaign by re-tweeting and sharing posts as well. You should encourage your followers and supporters to share the campaign page as much as possible to boost the number of shirts sold.

 Any other advice or tips you can offer potential campaigners out there?
Make sure to write an informative campaign description and include links whenever possible. We made sure to include links to both our social media sites and Creative Action’s as well. We included information about how the funds raised through shirt sales will be used too.

Thanks again to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and Creative Action for choosing Fabrily for this awesome campaign! To find out more about the camp you can visit this site!


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