Fabrily: using custom clothing for fundraisers, events, or to generate extra income!

People use Fabrily to generate funds for a lot of different reasons. In this post we’re breaking down the different ways Fabrily can be used; there are so many opportunities to raise funds, share your passion, and connect with others through Fabrily!

Fundraising & Awareness

Many of our campaigners use Fabrily to raise funds for a special cause; from donating proceeds to medical research, animal rescue, or creating awareness, Fabrily provides an effective way to raise funds without the risk or hassle of having to pre-order or pay upfront for fundraising items.  We can also add the “Verified Donation” badge to your campaign page if you’d like to assure customers that the proceeds from their purchase will go directly to the cause.

Artists & Designers
We’ve seen a growing trend with independent artists using Fabrily to sell their designs. One of our most recent artist campaigners is Leti; she decided to share her passion with family, friends, and supporter as by creating a Fabrily campaign using one of her favorite designs. Leti was not only able to reach her selling goal, but she doubled it by the end of her campaign! She has kindly provided us with some tips and examples of how she promoted her campaign on Facebook if you’d like to take a look for promotional ideas!

Special Events

 Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Summer Camp campaign is a great example of using Fabrily to provide shirts for a special event. The shirts for this campaign will serve as the perfect memorabilia for girls attending the camp as well as a fund raising tool to help pay for scholarships so that girls from all backgrounds can attend this special event.

Another great example of using Fabrily for an important event is Ro’s Year on the Run. Rohan created these shirts for himself and his supporters to wear as he participated in 14 different races from 2013 to 2014 to raise awareness for mental health issues in the UK.

We’ve also seen a popular rise in family name shirts, which are perfect for Family reunions and gifts to family members. This is a fun way to connect with family all over the world; everyone can order their shirt in the exact size/colour they want and have it delivered directly to their home!

Facebook Communities & Fan Pages
Offering shirts to Facebook groups is a fun way for members to connect with one another through custom/unique apparel like with the Arts, Artists, Artwork group’s campaign. Most interestingly, some of our biggest campaigns have come from Facebook groups and communities. Take the Interesting Engineering campaign for example, which was created by a Facebook group admin; since the group’s first campaign they have sold thousands of shirts to page followers all over the world. Another group admin from the “Geordies do it better” Facebook community, Callum, offers advice and tips on selling shirts to his page members and provides insight on his campaigning experience with Fabrily.

Launch your campaign today!
These are just a few different ways people are using Fabrily to raise funds! With no upfront costs, no hassle, and top-quality items the possibilities are endless! So whether you’re looking for a way to raise funds, connect with others, or make some extra money, look no further – you’ve found Fabrily! To get started on your first campaign or to contact a Fabrily team member with questions about your campaign click here and submit a campaign request! We can also help you create a design (totally free) if you don’t have one for your campaign.


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