Facebook Pages: Make money, raise awareness, and give something back to your fans!

Cover photo from Facebook page "Geordies do it better" during first Fabrily Campaign

Cover photo from Facebook page “Geordies do it better” during first Fabrily Campaign

What started as a fun joke between friends soon became a massively popular Facebook community page; shortly after its creation, the number of members of Geordies do it better skyrocketed and has increased to just under 35 thousand people. Callum is the founder of this page and as it began to grow he soon saw the lucrative opportunity that having a popular Facebook page provides; creating custom items geared towards his page’s followers.

Read about how Callum started his first successful Fabrily campaigns; from creating the design to tips on promoting Facebook campaigns, Callum provides us with valuable insight on monetizing Facebook communities and fan pages.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your Facebook page “Geordies do it better”?
Okay! I’m Callum and I started this Facebook page as a joke between me and a few of my friends, and then it blew up massively! After it got to 5000 likes, I decided to take the page more seriously and decided to try and entertain people!

How did you hear about Fabrily/why did you choose to run a campaign with Fabrily?
I saw a Fabrily campaign on another Facebook page, Awesome Inventions, and thought it looked great! So I decided to look into it and get in contact with Fabrily to design my t-shirt.

How many campaigns have you run with Fabrily?
I have now run 3 campaigns and plan to re run the second campaign again because it was so successful.

Did you create the designs for your campaign yourself or did you have one of the Fabrily designers create them for you?
I emailed them with some designs I liked and then Fabrily refined the first design and got the campaign up and running!

What has your campaigning experience been like? Would you recommend using Fabrily to other Facebook page admins?
My experience with Fabrily has been amazing! It’s definitely the best t-shirt printing company I’ve seen, I had tried others like spreadshirt before this but they were too much fuss and way too expensive, but Fabrily is much better! I would and already have recommended Fabrily to other people too.

How do you promote your campaigns to your Facebook fans (please provide specific examples)?
I have promoted the t-shirts in many ways; I have posted a picture of the t-shirt on Facebook and ‘boosted’ (advertised) the post, so far over 12000 people have seen the advert and around 200 people have clicked on the link to buy a t-shirt.

I have also made competitions in the past for people who ‘like’ and ‘share’ a post a chance to win a t-shirt. This was very popular!

 Can you offer any tips or advice for other fan page admins thinking of starting a Fabrily campaign on their page?
I would suggest doing a competition for someone to win a t-shirt if they share the link or something like that, as it gets a large audience to see the link.

View Callum’s current Geordies do it better campaign.

For more tips and examples on promoting your Fabrily campaign on Facebook click here. To start your own Fabrily campaign visit Fabrily.com or just click here. If you have any questions on how to set up a campaign you can also visit this post for more information.



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