New Features UPDATE

Fabrily is happy to announce some new features on our website designed to improve your campaigning experience! We’re also adding some updates to keep customers happy and informed about their order!

Analytics 1.0
A new analytics tab has been added to the home page of your dashboard for each campaign. Click on it to view daily sales stats and item colour breakdown. This is great for planning future campaigns as well since you can see which colours are most popular with your buyers!

analytics tool

Pricing Calculator
A handy pricing calculator can now be found on the campaign submission form. You can calculate your minimum cost and decide how much profit you’d like to make per item. Please note that this is only a reference and the final production cost will be verified by Fabrily.

pricing calculator

VAT Option
We now have to add 20% VAT to items purchased by UK and EU customers, but you can choose whether the VAT is added to the price shown on the campaign page, or the checkout page.

VAT question

vat at checkout

Order Tracking Tool
Because Fabrily campaigns are made-to-order we must wait until the end of the campaign to start production. We’ve now updated our order tracking tool so that customers can stay informed by clicking on the  new “Track Order” button located on the Fabrily homepage. This tool allow buyers to check the status of their order (i.e. reserved, in production, shipped) and give them an idea of when they can expect the arrival of their order.

track order

If you’d like more information on how to set up a Fabrily campaign please refer to our Campaigner’s Guide.


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