Campaigner’s Guide: How to set up and launch a Fabrily campaign

Most of our campaigners are already accustomed to the way our system is set up at the moment, but to make life easier for those of you who are not, we have created this post to guide you through the set up process.

Creating a Campaign

When you’re ready to submit a new campaign, just log-in to your dashboard and click on “Start a Campaign.” There is an easy 3-step setup process, you can click here to watch the video.

  • Title: Choose a title that will inform your buyers of what the campaign is about.
  • Description: The description should be short and informative, never provide false or misleading in the campaign description, suggested texts can include: “safe & secure checkout”, “Click the green ‘buy now’ button to select your style and size”, “Available in unisex shirts, ladies tank tops, and long sleeve shirts!”, “Limited-edition design”.
  • Artwork: Please upload your artwork as a PNG file, ideally the design should be 3000×3000 pixels, 300dpi. In order to upload the design file the file size should be between 500 – 700 KB.
  • Product: We offer a range of products and brands including Hemp t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, long-sleeved shirts, and iPhone cases. Gildan is a great quality brand and is our most affordable option for unisex, women’s, and long-sleeved shirts. For more information about our products, please click here, for more information on eco-friendly product options click here.
  • Product styles & colour options: Campaigns can feature 4 different product styles and each style can have 4 different colour options.
  • Goal: The minimum goal for campaigns is 10 items
  • Duration: The minimum duration for campaigns is 7 days and the maximum is 28 days. You can change your campaign’s duration from your dashboard if your campaign is not yet successful (i.e. if it has not met the goal) by clicking “edit” on the campaign in your dashboard. If you would like the campaign to relaunch immediately after it ends select “yes” for recurring campaign in your campaign dashboard.


  • Tracking Codes: To add a tracking code select the “tracking codes” link within your campaigner dashboard. Click here for an example of how to extract the tracking ID from the code script.
  • Currency: Select the currency (GBP, USD, and Euro) based on your target market. When a customer views your campaign’s landing page, they will see the price in their local currency. This is great for improving sales!
  • Total Price: Enter the price you’d like to sell for. The system will show you how much it will be with VAT added on top of this price for UK and EU customers. For recommended selling prices click here.
  • Comments: Please add any comments for us in this section including the tracking pixel you would like us to add, if applicable. This is also where you can explain the design you’d like us to create for you.
  • Store Feature: If you would like to advertise multiple campaigns with one link, we can create a store for you. Just make a note in the “comments” box or email us the names of the campaigns that you’d like to put together into a store. Click here for an example.


  • The homepage of your dashboard shows all of your campaigns and basic sales figures, making it easy for you to monitor multiple campaigns.
  • Click on the campaign’s name to see its landing page (what your customers see).
  • Under each campaign name is an “Edit” button. Click on it to edit the title, description, and length of your campaign.
  • Click on “Profits” to see a breakdown of your profits in each currency.
  • Click on the “My Account” tab if you need to enter or update your pay-out details. 

How to Minimize Production Costs and Maximize Profits

  • The base cost will be lower if you print the design on only one side of the t-shirt/Hoodie. If you want a design printed on the front and back of a shirt it will raise the minimum cost. This also goes for printing on the sleeves.
  • Limit your design to as few colours as possible (ideally no more than 4) as the more colours a design has, the more expensive it will be to print. Different shades of the same colour count as different colours when printing.
  • Gildan brand products are the most affordable and are of great quality.
  • The higher your selling goal is, the lower the base cost will be.

Recommended Selling Price

  • For t-shirts and tank tops, we recommend a selling price between £14-£20 and $16-$25.
  • For hoodies, we recommend a selling price between £28-£35 and $30-$40.
  • For iPhone cases, we recommend a selling price between £12-£15 and $16-$25.


  • We send funds within 2 business days after a campaign has successfully ended. We can transfer the funds via bank transfer, PayPal or Payoneer. For more information on payout options click here.
  • Bank transfers outside the UK will incur a transfer fee of £18 to be deducted from your profits. Please contact your bank for details regarding any transfer fees on your end.
  • For bank transfers within the UK, there are no transfer fees.
  • If you are located outside of the UK we recommend that you use PayPal or Payoneer as their exchange rate is usually better than the bank’s exchange rate.
  • We calculate and send the pay-out in GBP but, in general, you will receive your payment in the currency your bank account or PayPal is set up to handle. Please note that depending on the service you use, there will be exchange rate fluctuations.

Fabrily’s Unique Features

  • Competitive Shipping: We ship to 178 countries around the world at competitive rates! This means that there are 178 potential markets for you to choose from!
  • Privacy: We do not display a public list of running campaigns. We know how hard you work to create successful designs and want to protect you from copy-cats.
  • Superior Customer Service: We take customer service very seriously and have been complimented many times on our quick and friendly service.
  • High Quality Products: We only use high quality products and printing methods while also taking extra care in the packaging of shipments. It’s no wonder we hardly ever receive complaints from buyers! 

If you are an internet marketer, you may find the following links helpful:




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