How to promote your Fabrily campaign: Success stories, tips, and advice

We have hundreds of campaigns running at Fabrily at every moment.  Most of the campaigns featured on are created by non-profit groups who want to raise funds for their cause, individuals who earn money by selling products online, and artists/designers who want to sell their work to friends, family, and fans.

When it comes to promoting your campaign we recommend using social media as your primary promotion tool; it can be a very effective and totally free!

We’d like to share one campaigner’s experience with you so that you can learn from her promotional tactics. Leti is an artist/graphic designer who sold her design via Leti’s campaign was very successful and due to her promotional efforts she was able to double her selling goal.

Promotion tactics and examples:

1. Change your Facebook profile picture and feature your campaign design and link:

Facebook profile picture 1

Facebook photo 2

2. Upload a Facebook cover photo featuring the link to campaign and design. Leti also updated her cover photo as the campaign progressed, keeping Facebook fans updated on the amount of time left to purchase a t-shirt:

Facebook cover photo

3. Leti also regularly posted on her Facebook page, reminding people to purchase her t-shirt before the campaign ended.

4. We also recommend sending out emails to family, friends, and supporters and include a link to your campaign. Here’s an example email you could send:

Hi there, 

I just wanted to let you know that I’m selling t-shirts to raise money. You can order your shirt here: campaign. Once the campaign is over and has successfully reached it’s goal you will be charged for your purchase and Fabrily will send your order directly to you.

Thanks so much for supporting my campaign!

Have a nice day,

Remember if your campaign was created to benefit a special cause make sure to include that in the email (you can say something like: proceeds from this campaign will benefit XXX).

5. Also make sure to include any social media links, website links, or interesting information in your campaign description as it can add credibility to the campaign and/or give more background information about the campaign helping people connect with the cause.



We asked Leti to answer a few questions about her campaigning experience and provide tips to help other people promote their campaigns as well.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and the story behind your design. 
My name is Leti and I am a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator based in Birmingham (UK). I love using typography and illustration to express my thoughts/feelings and I love everything that involves creativity.

My initial idea was to create something that represented myself and share it around the world. I used Fabrily to achieve this by putting some love, illustration and typography on a piece of clothing to express myself and make some money at the same time.

Why did you decide to use Fabrily for your campaign/How did you hear about Fabrily?
A friend of mine told me about Fabrily and straight away I knew it was the perfect tool for selling my design in different countries without worrying too much about the process of money collection, order production and shipping. Fabrily made it super easy for me to sell and share my artwork.

How did you promote your campaign (please provide specific examples — Facebook cover photo, emailing friends/family, profile pic, twitter, etc.)
I used social networks as the primary method of promotion for my campaign (facebook, instagram, whatsapp). I set my campaign to be 20 days long and every 3 or 4 days I posted a creative image saying how many days were left for people to buy their shirt, how many t shirts we sold already, thanking my friends and family for the support, etc. I made sure to ask them to share the pictures and links I posted, that really helped!

To be honest I wasn’t even sure if  I would be able to reach my goal since it was my first campaign, but it did, I even doubled my goal by the end! I just can’t say thank you enough to each person who purchased a shirt, not because of the money, but because of how happy seeing people enjoy my work has made me. It’s really motivated me to keep creating new stuff and sharing it with the world.

Overall how was your campaigning experience with Fabrily — do you think you’ll do another campaign in the future?
I really enjoyed the whole experience. It’s really fun and easy, so… why wouldn’t I do it again? Yes, I will. Maybe I’ll try something totally different this time 😉

Can you offer any tips to other artists and designers who may be interested in selling their designs through Fabrily?
Enjoy it and don’t forget to keep reminding people about your campaign, even if you feel like you may be bugging them you’ve only got a certain amount of days to promote the campaign so every day counts! 😛

Where can we find more of your artwork?
My new website is almost ready but if you want to have a general idea about what I do you can visit (my Instagram gallery) where I´m sharing daily stuff about my work and a little bit about myself.


Want to set up your own campaign? Visit and click on the “Start a Campaign” button!



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