Non-profit organizations + Fabrily = fundraising paradise!

At Fabrily we take fundraising seriously! If you see our “Fabrily Verified Donation” badge you can be 100% sure that the profits generated from the t-shirt’s sales will be directly sent to the organization specified in the description.

Let’s take the MSA Awareness Month campaign for example:


Do you see the “Verified Donation” badge at the top of the screen? This verification badge tells us that this campaign is a legitimate fundraiser and proceeds are guaranteed to reach the appropriate organization.

Fabrily makes raising funds easy and comfortable; once you’ve created your campaign all you have to do is share the campaign link with your friends and family through email and your social media accounts. Everyone can reserve their own t-shirt or hoodie online and at the end of the campaign everyone’s items are delivered directly to their home – and the money goes straight to the organization!

If you’re a non-profit organization or are raising funds to donate to an organization and you want this snazzy verification badge added to your campaign page make sure to let us know when you submit your campaign request!

donation badge 2



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