Trending Topics for February #CampaignInspiration

We’ve noticed a key feature for a lot of our successful campaigns is to stay on trend. When you start a t-shirt campaign based on a trending topic you increase your campaign’s SEO (search engine optimization) and potentially the number of t-shirt sales.

Think of some of the hottest topics trending on social media at the moment; the Superbowl was a huge topic of conversation this past week and we’ve got the premiere of The Walking Dead coming up on February  9th  (who doesn’t love zombies?!). Valentines Day is just around the corner and two of the biggest parties of the year are getting into full gear at the end of this month, Mardi Gras and Carnaval!

Walking Dead

Keep an eye out for trend-worthy topics and special events going on if you’re searching for campaign inspiration! Remember major sporting events are a big opportunity to look out for and national observances like Black History Month and American Heart Month in the USA are getting a lot of internet-attention right now.

If you’re looking for campaign inspiration think of current events and organizations that matter. Use Fabrily to raise funds for an important cause, generate revenue for your personal gain, or to create awareness for a movement you’re passionate about…whatever you decide to use Fabrily for, remember we’re here to help you create awesome t-shirts and #inspire others!


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