Hacks and Crafts with Shirts


We’re all about innovative ideas, whether they impact society forever or just make your day a little bit easier. While we enjoy helping communities create catchy t-shirts, there are other ways to reuse old shirts instead of throwing them out!

Headbands: Why buy up-marked headbands when you can shred your shirts and make them at no cost? These are great for a super casual outfit, a cute accessory for a kid, or even for your workouts! You can create a whole variety of styles, check out Sugar Bee’s post for more instructions.

Totes/Reusable Grocery Bags: Did you know that plastic bags not only easily harm our environment but can also take up to 1,000 years to break down? More major cities and countries nowadays are trying to phase them out by charging customers for using plastic bags. Cut up your old shirts and save your money for a rainy day! These bags are also perfect for books, clothes and school supplies. Learn more with sewmargaretsew.

Rings: While I don’t suggest this as a replacement for engagement/wedding/class rings, it’s a cute little craft if you have bits of t-shirt fabric lying around. This could be great for gift bags at a child’s birthday party or an arts and crafts project. HomemadeGinger explains more!

Donate to Hulk Hogan: I bet the wrestler misses his shirt-ripping days.

Donate to charity: If you’re not feeling crafty or can’t get a hold of Hulk, then donating to charity is another alternative. The great thing about this is that whether a victim of natural disaster has lost his/her closet or someone can’t afford the money for new clothes, you’ll be paying it forward with an act of kindness and helping someone out.


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