Year in Review: Thank You!

From celebrating the life of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela to Miley’s tongue, 2013 was a rollercoaster year! We review the past year’s ups and downs at Fabrily:

  • July: The concept of Fabrily was born and after some napkin/notepad brainstorming, work was starting on We were ready to spread messages on custom t-shirts created by communities!
  • September: After refining our website and getting the word out about Fabrily, our first successful campaign is with rock cover band No Donuts for Hilda! More successful campaigns followed with activist groups and student organizations. Meanwhile, we say adios along with the world to Walter White’s tighty whities at the end of Breaking Bad.
  • October: More campaigners join, from marathoners to an engineering fan page. We begin to offer tips on campaign promotion, ensuring each campaign gets personalized attention. We also start this blog, beginning with why we don’t believe in unpaid internships (that’s right!)


  • November:  While launching new campaigns, we begin to empathize with postal workers as we ship SO MANY SHIRTS (over 1,400 for one campaign alone!)… but of course we were happy to see they were enjoyed by supporters. Thanks for keeping us busy guys 🙂 We also blog about how NOT to sell t-shirts.


  • December: We upgraded our operations, lowered shipping costs and expanded our team to eight people. Also, we ship SO MANY HOODIES so that they arrive in time for people to snuggle in during the holidays!


Fabrily may be a young company but it’s driven to continue upward and onwards throughout 2014! We’re constantly thinking of innovative features and we can’t wait to work with you. Even one of our team members, Irene, made a resolution: “To ship millions of t-shirts by plane, drones, and teleporting.” Thanks for all your support!


Start your new year off with a bang and send us your campaign idea. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get more inside scoop.


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