Top 5: Strange Races

Think it takes a pair of Nike trainers and a Rocky montage to prep for a race? Think again. Races are far from boring and we’re showcasing some of the stranger races the world has to offer.

  1. Tough Mudder: This ain’t your mama’s race. Created by Will Dean, a former counter-terrorism agent for the British Government, Tough Mudder was designed to be set apart from adventure runs and triathlons. Only 78% of participants complete Tough Mudder’s obstacles including swimming through dumpsters of frigid ice, leaping over 5-foot wide mud pits, and crawling underneath barbed wire. Yeesh.
  2. High Heel-a-Thon: Sure, the Tough Mudder might look messy but ask any girl to run in heels for fun and they’ll tell you that isn’t so pretty either. This event has drawn people from all over the United States to flock to NYC with their best dressed feet. Even the grand cash prize is quite nice: $25,000! The best part? Men can run in a 50 yard dash. 
  3. Zombie Run: Whether a zombie apocalypse is coming or not, it’s never a bad idea to prep for it. The Zombie Run infection has spread all over the US with thousands running for their lives. So if you’ve ever wanted to relive Shaun of the Dead, the Zombie Run will have you fit in no time. Note: they’re hosting a Tough Mudder version of the run in 2014 called Black Ops, complete with mud and fire and zombies (of course).
  4. Bay to Breakers: If you’re ever in San Francisco on the third Sunday of May, hide yo kids and hide yo wife. Bay to Breakers is an annual footrace where people dress up in costumes, or dress up in only their undies, and trek west to east across the city. It’s also infamous for the house parties and day drinking that pop up along the route and nude runner. Save this under NSFW. 
  5. Electric Run: This isn’t so much strange as it is different from your typical race. The Electric Run is a nighttime 5k run where runners are encouraged to wear neon colors and glowing accessories. You make your way through several mystical glowing lands and it culminates in an epic Finish Celebration with live DJs and dancing. What’s interesting is that it’s an all-ages event as illegal drugs are not tolerated at the event.


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**NOTE: Caught by a seasoned “runbassador”, we’ve mistaken these races as marathons when they aren’t by definition. Thanks to Nicholas!**


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