Top 5: How NOT to Sell T-Shirts

At Fabrily, we think t-shirts are a great way to fundraise for your cause. Are you a rock band looking to give your fans swag, a student organization trying to spread school spirit, or a marathon runner finding a way to say thanks to your supporters? It’s a win-win situation. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when handling your own promotion (complete with uber serious gifs, of course). 

30 Rock


1. Don’t ignore potential partners.  Say for example you’re attending an AIDS Walk, reach out to online AIDS support groups, bloggers/vloggers or online movements (like Greater Than Aids) for encouragement. Tag ’em in your posts or email them and see if they’d like to help you spread the word about your campaign.

Beep boop prr

2. Don’t leave out social media. There are so many marketing tools now with unique strengths and weaknesses: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, carrier pigeons, Amazon drones. Whatever your choice of marketing weapon is, use it wisely for your audience. Create a story your fans can support, update them on the campaign’s progress, share pictures and interact on a regular basis. It’ll help make the campaign feel more personal than just another sales pitch.

Parks and Recreation


3. No T-Shirt Cannons. Just, no.

Make it rain

4. Don’t underestimate offline traffic. If you’re a student organization, print out flyers with your campaign link. You can pass them out in the quad or post them up, maybe ask professors to help out. You could even bring them to an event or student meeting! Just ask Vibe Media what they thought about their campaign using Fabrily.

5. Don’t forget about us! Having trouble with campaign promotions? Let us know early on and not the day before your campaign ends so that we can assess your situation and provide you with more tips!


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