A Few Minutes with Vibe Media

We’ve helped out non-profits, rock bands, and an international team of kite surfers to bring attention to their causes! Now we’ve chatted with Vibe Media, a platform that gives students the opportunity to work within the media environment from Youtube videos to online radio and everything in between. Who are they and how did we help them?
Who makes up the Vibe Media team?
VibeMedia is part of Edge Hill’s student union. It is run by 4 students heading each of the 4 strands. Steven Wright – VibeOnline. Alex Macklin – VibeTV. Juandre Bekker – VibeRadio & me, VibeOnline.
What kinds of projects do you guys like to get involved with?
We like to promote and run events on campus such as Children in Need. We have a series of articles from reviews to LGBT+ issues and “The pregnancy & motherhood diaries”, following a student through her pregnancy at Uni.
If you could pick a top memorable moment for Vibe Media, what would it be? 
Interviewing Danny Howard was really cool. Our most successful event was our Harlem Shake video at 40,000 views!
Why did you decide on t-shirts?
We wanted a fun way to raise money where our members got something to keep.
Any recommendations for other student organizations looking to fundraise?
Fabrily was our best event of this year. Seeing people in their Vibe t-shirts around campus became such a buzz. My tips are promote promote promote! Social media is your best friend.


Fabrily loves working with communities! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more updates.


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