Featuring: Enable Passion

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” – Hunter S. Thompson, author

Tales of adventure capture attention for its’ romantic sense of self-discovery. Perhaps you root for the underdog main character who goes against a Goliath-sized foe, or maybe you enjoy reading about a real-life entrepreneur and his/her tenacity to stand back up eight times after falling down seven. Whether fictional or nonfictional, all adventures need passion. Enable Passion is a non-profit foundation working to ignite the adventurer in all of us.

Their video explains, “Life is not only about making money or building a career. Challenges in life are very important to us.” So how can you raise awareness to intangible emotions like passion and fearlessness versus other causes? Enable Passion set out to find two things: a challenge and a team. Their challenge is the HTC Atlantic Kite Challenge, a 3-week nonstop journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean by kitesurfing from Fuerteventura to Turks and Caicos Islands. The team consists of six pro-kitesurfers from around the world, training themselves for gruesome 24-hour rotations throughout their journey.

Together, the Enable Passion team is working to prove that chasing the bigger dreams and achieving the more difficult challenges is a more rewarding experience than being driven by financial targets. “We believe the world looks more beautiful if people are driven by their passion. Work on that thing that makes them tick.” They hope to spread the message and give back to people for their support by creating custom t-shirts, choosing to team up with Fabrily.

Fabrily introduces a new way to fundraise with custom shirts for various causes and organizations. Campaign length, goal, shirt designs and prices are set by the campaign creator. Afterwards, payment collection, printing and shipping are taken care of by Fabrily, leaving profits and promotion up to Enable Passion. Allard Janssen, one of Enable Passion’s organizers, says, “I don’t really know about any good alternative solutions of what Fabrily offers. No costs, easy to organize, no worries and good quality.”

Ever since they’ve teamed up with Fabrily, the process has been smooth sailing. “Fabrily is on top of things. I didn’t have to search for high-res images and good quality designs were made in no-time. Very smooth indeed,” Allard notes. Enable Passion notes the major advantages of teaming up with Fabrily. “No hassle, no upfront investment, good quality. Fabrily is based on a good business model that works for both parties. It’s almost stupid not to do it!”


Click here to reserve your limited edition Enable Passion shirt or reach us at Fabrily if you have an awesome campaign idea!


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