Featuring: Armpits4August

No Shave November

We know it’s the spirit of No Shave November or Movember now, but what about all the women? Why aren’t they participating? Well, duh Fabrily, women shave their arms and legs, especially if they’re gonna go out on a date or with friends. But for millions of women and trans men, excessive hair growth is a symptom of a much bigger health issue than a night out: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). To show support for those affected by PCOS, Armpits 4 August wants people to stop shaving the underarms! We know what you’re thinking…

“Grow out the underarm hair? Eh.” Many women in the world don’t shave due to health issues or religious/personal beliefs. Shaving off body hair is only one perception of beauty, not the universal perception. But Armpits 4 August wants to become a safe place for women and men to discuss and share the diversity of hair growth (hirsutism) while raising awareness to PCOS.

PCOS is a health condition that affects the ovaries, whether it’s an increase in developed cysts or higher levels of male hormones. Excessive hair growth is only one symptom out of many: weight gain, infertility, hair loss from the head. Exact causes of PCOS are unknown but often relate to a family’s health history. While there is no cure for PCOS, the symptoms can be treated through medication, lifestyle changes, or surgery. However, Armpits 4 August wants the voice of PCOS to be a bigger and more comfortable voice heard.

Every August, participants of Armpits 4 August won’t let any blade touch the underarm hair for a month and can raise money to a PCOS charity. Although it isn’t August, Armpits 4 August has a Fabrily campaign so you can show your support for their efforts: https://fabrily.com/Armpits4August. Only a few days left to reserve your shirt, happy No Shave November!


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