A Few Minutes with No Donuts for Hilda

We all got a little superstar inside of us. Don’t lie, you’ve sang in the shower or pretended to be Beyoncé’s backup dancer in the bedroom at some point. No Donuts for Hilda lives the dream covering rock classics all over UK’s party scenes. So we asked the most pressing questions including: why couldn’t Hilda have donuts?

Easy A

How did No Donuts for Hilda first meet/get together?

No Donuts for Hilda are a rock band that came out of the 2007 intake at London Business School. Being a uni band, we’ve had a lot of members over the years but the two of us (Flavio and Michal) are the only two founding members who are still active.

How did you guys decide on the band name? Is Hilda allergic to donuts?

So the story is that, back in 2002, I was on a tram in Vienna with my girlfriend Miriam at the time. There was a young family, mother, father and daughter in the carriage. And mother and father were fighting over whether their daughter Hilde could have another “Krapfen”, a type of Austrian jelly donut. The Father was in favour and mum was against. And turns out that mum won and Hilde wasn’t allowed to have another Krapfen. And my girlfriend uttered the now immortal sentence: “Kein Krapfen für Hilde” which means “no Krapfen for Hilde” in German. I remember that I thought instantly “that’d be a great name for a rock band”.

What was the most memorable gig and why?

Each band member will have their own favourite gig but for me [Michal], it must have been Summer Ball 2009 which was our leaving gig at London Business School. We had super expensive professional sound equipment for our disposal, the crowd was all friends and people we knew, there were people standing on each others’ shoulders in the audience, I was stage diving and my mum and dad were in the audience, too. Once in a lifetime moment.

Why choose “no profit” with Fabrily?

It’s nicer to tell to our community – thanks a lot for your support over the years, here’s a little treat – get a t-shirt really cheap, we’re not making money from it.

What did people think of the shirts?

The printing is great, everyone loves their t-shirts. Thank you Fabrily!

Rock Band

No Donuts for Hilda rocking their Fabrily shirts


Wanna crowd surf with people wearing your band’s t-shirts? Fabrily helps rock bands, DJs, and other musicians/artists make that a reality.


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