A Few Minutes with Interesting Engineering


Is it possible to fly between NYC and Tokyo in 90 minutes? How does the ancient city of Petra, built in 312 BC, still stand today? Interesting Engineering is dedicated to finding the world’s most, er, interesting engineering all past, present and future. Curated by a team of enthusiasts, they have 1.8 million Facebook followers across the globe and have sold over 1,500 “Trust Me I am an Engineer” shirts! How do they feel with all that attention?


How did Interesting Engineering start?

I was looking to practice my English and began writing articles about interesting engineering projects, a favorite topic of mine.

Your following is huge! How’s it been having an international audience?

Yes, this is really great! I like seeing multicultural connections on my page and having fans interact with comments and likes.

Why did you decide to sell T-shirts with Fabrily?

I worked with another company for a while but it didn’t work out in the end. When I joined Fabrily, I found that their campaigning method was a good way to rally people together and encourage support for the Interesting Engineering community.

How was the campaign overall? Smooth? A bit difficult?

 The campaign worked well, especially since I was in control of promoting my shirts on my Facebook page.

What was the most memorable/impressive engineering project?

There are so many, it’s difficult to choose one!


Whether you have 1.8 million followers or 18 devoted fans, Fabrily helps you spread your community’s message on t-shirts at no cost.


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