Fabrily meets WP

This is the beginning of a great story. Us Fabrilians are passionate about sharing stories and helping the people behind them achieve their dreams. Whatever your story is, we want to hear about it. You might want to raise funds to support that indie band you love (they just need a little push to start working on the studio!). Or you might want to raise awareness about breast cancer, so we can prevent other women from going through what your friend did. Or, hey, what about the coolest society at your university? Wouldn’t it be awesome to finance your events and get t-shirts for your members, all at once?

We want to change the way people see fundraising.

Fabrily is a new platform to raise funds & awareness with awesome custome t-shirts at no upfront costs. How is that any different from any other fundraising platform?

“Get the tee out”. Most fundraising platforms allow fundraisers to start a campaign and get funds for different causes. But, once the campaign is over, the connection between the donor and the cause is lost. Fabrily gives the donors a t-shirt in return with a message, so they can wear it and spread the word about your cause.

Hassle-free, risk-free process. You tell us what you want to see on the t-shirt. We take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about finding a printer, getting the right format, getting the right number of t-shirts, and shipping. That’s what we would like to do for you. And you won’t have to spend a penny: we will only charge the buyers once the campaign has achieved its goal.

Now, put Fabrily and WordPress together. We tell stories on t-shirts, WordPress tells stories on screens. WordPress is the ideal place for us to share those stories with you, and share your story with others. Got one? Start creating your campaign here


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